Author's Bio

Susan Darst Williams is a magazine editor, investigative reporter, Christian inspirational writer, school volunteer, longtime wife, and fun-loving mother of four daughters whose passion is improving K-12 education. 


She is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, where she was elected to Mortar Board. A former reporter for The Omaha World-Herald and the Midlands Business Journal, she has taught newswriting and reporting on the university level, and is a longtime free-lance writer of everything from books to articles to scripts to greeting cards. 


To help the schools over the years, Susan was the founding president of a parents' organization for a middle school, raised thousands of dollars by desktop-publishing school directories, ran an alumni fund-raising telethon, created and taught with a learning garden at a grade school, coached a team of fifth-graders to third place in a worldwide creativity contest, has led countless writing workshops, and has been a frequent classroom and parent-group volunteer. 


She became an advocate for improving education for inner-city youth after serving for three years as a board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Omaha. She served as a writing mentor for teen members, and published a quarterly newsletter with club members as cub reporters. 


Susan is contributing editor of RFD-TV The Magazine, the bimonthly publication of "Rural America's Most Important TV Network," which reaches over 30 million homes. See www.rfdtv.com  


She is married to her high school sweetheart, Dave Williams, president of Drake-Williams Steel of Omaha. Their two older daughters are both Phi Beta Kappa college graduates, the third is in college now, and "Whoopsie Daisy" Williams is an eager-beaver grade-school student. 



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