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Encyclopedia of Education

Links for more information about virtually every issue in education: 


Academic Honors: 






Achievement Gap (see Minority issues and Race-based issues): (Minority Student Achievement Network, Wisconsin Center for Education Research, University of Wisconsin) (a nonprofit charter management organization) 



ADHD (see also Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Special Education): 



Administration, Administrators: (or - National Association of Secondary School Principals) 



Advanced Placement tests:  




See Minority Issues and Urban Issues 



Afterschooling (at home, in school settings, with tutors, or in dedicated afterschools; see also Home Learning Ideas): (free lesson plans in 35 categories aimed in particular at children in Grades 4 - 8 by our own Susan Darst Williams) (private afterschools in Boston and California with a high-level math focus) (Orange County, Calif.) (federal government resources) (Junior Achievement's afterschool program) (Boys and Girls Clubs of America) (National Youth Violence Prevention Project) (10 exemplary school-based programs from the National Association of Elementary School Principals) (soccer as an enticement to participate in academically-based afterschooling) (The After School Corporation, New York City) (The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, New York City) (Los Angeles program: Better Educated Students for Tomorrow) (drama, art and theatre in the Dallas area) 



Agricultural Education:  






Art: (National Art Education Association) 



Athletics: (National Alliance For Youth Sports) (Positive Coaching Alliance) 



At-Risk: (help for parents of at-risk students) 



Audits: (West Virginia performance audit policy) (Portland, Ore., performance audit report) 



Autism (See also Learning disabilities and Special education): 



Balanced Literacy reading programs (see Whole language): (pro) (con; National Right to Read Foundation; search "Balanced Literacy") 



Behavior Problems: (building emotional intelligence in kids) (overview focusing on adolescents) (attention deficits) (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) (anxiety) (anxiety) (discipline and special ed students) (suspensions and expulsions: a legal overview) 



Bible in Education: 



Bilingual / English Language Learners / English as a Second Language (also see Immigrants / illegal aliens in schools): 



Block Scheduling: 



Blogs on Education: (California-based writer probably has the best ed blog) (also awfully good) (spicy one from Grand Rapids, Mich.) (educators from around the world) 



Book Selection: (A Child's Reading List) (summer reading list) 



Book Concerns: (see also 



Books for Dsadvantaged Kids:  



Boys' Issues (see Gender issues) 



Brain Research: (blog on raising a left-brained child) 



Buildings and Grounds: 






Business Education: (Junior Achievement) 



Business Operations: and  



Business and School Partnerships:  



Career Education: (entrepreneurship) (engineering) (engineering) (future planning for the 70% of students who will not graduate from college) 



Character Education: 



Charter Schools (see also School choice): (study shows grade-school charter schools outperform traditional public schools for disadvantaged student populations) 



Chatrooms on Education Issues:  



Child Advocacy: 



Child Development: 

www.fcd-us.mag (Foundation for Child Development) (nonprofit research organization) (parenting articles) 



Child Protection:  



Christian Education: 



Christian "exodus" out of public schools: 






Class Rank (see Academic Honors) 




Class Size: (scroll down to "Gadfly Articles") 




Classical Education: 



Classroom Management: 



Collective bargaining (see also Unions): (study, "Collective Bargaining in Public Schools: Turning the Focus to Students") 



College planning / admissions tests: 



Competition as a factor in education (see also School choice): 



Consensus / Delphi / group manipulation: 



Consolidation / deconsolidation:  



Constructivism vs. Direct Instruction: (explains both) (search under "Education topics") (article explaining how constructivism, the teaching philosophy in most public schools today, fails inner-city children the most because they lack a large enough vocabulary and knowledge base) 



Consultants (for parents and teachers): 



Corruption (see also Financial management and corruption):  









Critical Thinking:  



Crisis: (article, "Opportunities Lost: How NYC Got Derailed on the Way to School Reform") (Philadelphia) (Kansas City Public Schools' court-ordered $2 billion in extra funding for inner-city schools, and resulting loss of state accreditation when quality actually declined, is linked to a judge's ruling in Kansas that the school funding formula is inequitable; article, "What Judge Bullock Should Have Learned From Judge Clark") 



Curriculum: (great primary resources) 



Data collection, electronic portfolios, student ID numbers, & privacy issues: (EDEN: Education Data Exchange Network) (Schools Interoperability Framework Association) 



Dictionaries (free copies for schoolchildren from civic groups and donors):  



Digital divide (technology gap between the races and income levels):  



Direct instruction (see also Constructivism): 



Disadvantaged children: (legal issues for low-income and special ed children) (donate books for needy children) 



Discipline: (support group for parents of troubled teens)  



Discrimination (See Race-based school assignment and discrimination) 



Distance learning (see also Homeschooling, Online Education and Virtual Schools): 



Diversity: (African-American) (African-American) (Hispanic) (Hispanic) (The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, New York City) (Native American) (Asian) (Muslim) (gender issues)  



Donations (tax-deductible ways to give; see also Private sector initiatives): (provide classroom grants for needed projects directly to teachers) (provide scholarships for low-income kids to attend private schools) 









Drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention (see also Substance abuse and addictions treatment): (report, "National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse X: Teens and Parents") 



Dumbing down:  



Dyslexia (see also Learning disabilities, Reading categories and Whole Language): 



Early childhood education: (national study) 



Economic development and public education: (search for the study, "Public Schools and Economic Development: What the Research Shows" 



Economics education: 



Educational freedom index:  



English (see also Reading): (National Council of Teachers of English) (grades for the English standards of the 50 states) 



English language learners (teaching English to non-English speaking children) (federal government website, Doing What Works, for educators and others)  



Enrichment ideas: (by Susan Darst Williams) 







Environmental education: 



E-Rate (see also Technology) (E-rate) (E-Rate scandal) 



Evolution: (anti-evolution) (pro-evolution) (pro-creationism) (pro-intelligent design) (anti-creationism and intelligent design) 



Family development: 



Family literacy: (The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, New York City) 



Family structure and educational attainment: (report, "More Than Money: The Influence of Family Structure on Prosperity and Educational Attainment") 



Federal funding and programs: (U.S. Department of Education) (No Child Left Behind) (extra help for needy children, including free after-school tutoring) (National Center on Education Statistics) (Education Resources Information Center database) (10 regional government research labs) (Title 1 remediation for disadvantaged children) (making Title 1 more effective) (phonics grants for disadvantaged children) (search in the "Federal Funding and Programs" category) (search for article, "Watchdog Agency Faults Ed. Dept. for Financial Mismanagement") 



Finance: (search for the report "Show Me the Money" (Iowa consultant who has successfully led campaigns to defeat school bond issues and tax-levy lid overrides) (article, "Paying Private Prep School Prices for Public Schools," explores how per-pupil spending figures given to the public are for operating expenses only, and exclude large amounts of money for construction, debt services and other costs) (article, "Facts About Education Spending in Kansas" and see the list of financial solutions archived under Publications - Education - Innovations)  



Financial equity: (article, "Who Could Be Against 'Adequate' School Funding?") ("A Guide to Public Engagement and School Finance Litigation") (funding inequities between charter schools, which are publicly-funded, and regular public schools, are a new concern, but the demand for parity for charter schools shows that as long as charter schools are funded with tax dollars, the pressures will be unbearable for them to morph more and more like the public schools) (one solution: weighted student allocation, where low-income, non-English speaking and learning-disabled students receive more government funding per pupil than average) (equity as a social-justice issue, from a faith-based perspective)  



Financial literacy (learning about money management, etc.):  



Financial mismanagement and corruption in schools (see also Corruption): (search for articles: "Newark Sues State, District Over Losses," "Superintendent of Wealthy District Charged in Embezzlement Scandal," and "A Hard Lesson for Kansas City's Troubled Schools" (competitive bidding and contracting) (search for Lydia G. Segal and her book, "Battling Corruption in America's Public Schools") 



First Amendment freedoms for students, including journalists: (religious rights) 



Food and Nutrition: 



Foreign language: (International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching) 



Foundations involved in education: (Thomas B. Forham Foundation, with excellent education reports, including an online publication, Education Gadfly) (Bill and Melinda Gates) (help and scholarships for inner-city youth in Philadelphia) (at Brown University; focuses on inner-city youth and reforms) (fostering innovation with funding by moviemaker George Lucas) (Rockefeller Foundation favors national standards; see also offering cool graphics with state-by-state statistics) (Eli and Edythe Broad, one of the largest funders of education programs for children and youth in poverty) (math, science and technology education funded by the late Ewing Kauffman of Kansas City) 




Fringe benefits (see also Personnel, Salaries and Retirement): (total compensation packages are far beyond salary) (health care cost containment ideas) (National Council on Teacher Retirement) (National Association of State Retirement Administrators) (Employee Benefits Research Institute) (teacher work schedules vs. other careers) 



Fund-raising (see also Parental involvement and fund-raising):  







Gender issues: (National Coalition of Girls' Schools) (Foundation for the Education of Young Women, Texas-based advocacy) (American Association of University Women: gender issues) (National Association for Single Sex Public Education) (Focus on the Family's site; see "Sexual Identity/Gender" articles) 







Gifted and talented: (National Association for Gifted Children) (good resource on the social and emotional needs of gifted kids) (report from the Templeton Foundation that shows how schools have been made too easy for smart kids) (Duke University's Talent Identification Program) (underachieving gifted kids) (excellent gifted advocacy, with a special school for the gifted in Nevada) (Davidson Institute's database) (good resource listings) (Pennsylvania advocate for the gifted) 



Girls' issues (see Gender issues) 



Global education (see also United Nations and International Baccalaureate): (International Baccalaureate and the U.N. are connected) 



Governance (national): (U.S. Department of Education) (Education Commission of the States) (National Association of State Boards of Education (Council of Chief State School Officers) (Institute for Educational Leadership; left-wing, pro-government policies) 



Governance (state): 

Find your state education department using a search engine. Typical web addresses: 

New York:  







Government Regulations & Compliance: (U.S. Department of Education) (article bank from a publishing firm             on NCLB, Title I, special ed, legal issues, etc.) 



Grade level issues: (search under "Grade level issues") (grade-appropriate learning ideas for parents and teachers) 



Graduation rates:  



Grammar: (podcasts by Grammar Girl) 






Grassroots organizations: (Nebraska) (Oregon) (Minnesota) (California) (Michigan) (Chicago area) (Illinois) (suburban Illinois) (Alabama) (Alabama) (Iowa; see education/iowalive) (North Carolina; school choice) (South Carolina) (Education Excellence Idaho) (Vermonters for Better Education) 






Head Start: (search for "Head Start") 



Health issues (see also Mental Health and Nutrition): 

-- In general: 

-- School wellness: 

-- School nursing: 

-- Impact of foundations: 

-- School-based health clinics: (pro) (con; also use search engine to find Congressional testimony, "The Role of Federal Education and Labor in School Based Health Clinics" by Karen R. Effrem, M.D. 

-- Ritalin and other medications: 

-- Asthma: 

-- Medicaid: 





See Diversity and Minority issues  



History (school subject): 



History (of school reform): 



Home Learning Ideas (to supplement regular schooling; see also Afterschooling): (from Houghton Mifflin; add /maf to the address for math activities; see the eGlossary) 




Homeschooling (see also Distance Learning, Online Education and Virtual Schools): (Home School Legal Defense Association) (resources from Focus on the Family) (National Home Education Research Institute) (National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance) (United Kingdom homeschooling website) 



Homeschooling / private schooling contracts:  



Homeschooling co-ops / curriculum providers: (how to start a parent co-op) (church-based homeschooling co-ops) (on multiage teaching, unit plans and curriculum guides)  



Homework Help:  





Sites that generally oppose the spread of homosexuality in schools: (noted grassroots group in Massachusetts and nationwide) (video, "It's Not Gay") (a look at the issue and what parents can do, from Focus on the Family) (Dr. Warren Throckmorton, expert on sexual orientation change) (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays) (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) (Worldwide Christian organization promoting sexual orientation change through faith-based means) (link between homosexuality and child sexual abuse) (Focus on the Family's site; see "Sexual Identity/Gender" articles) 


Sites that generally favor the spread of homosexuality in schools: (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)  (American Civil Liberties Union's site) (Human Rights Watch, listed under "LGBT Rights") (focusing on the needs of sexual minority children and parents) (National Center for Lesbian Rights lists legal issues regarding harassment and discrimination) (national pro-gay legal rights group) 



Illiteracy: (link to violence) 



Immigrants, including illegal aliens attending public schools (also see Bilingual ed): 



Inclusion (see also Special education):  



Inner-city school reform (see Urban issues) 




Insurance: (report by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute on the need for competitive bidding for health insurance for school employees) Management Brochure for Schools.pdf (report about property and casualty insurance and self-insurance for schools) 



International Baccalaureate program (see also Global education and United Nations): 



International ed: 



International test comparisons:  



Internet freedom and wise use (see also Protecting kids):  



Kindergarten: (search "kindergarten readiness") (search "all-day kindergarten") 




See Diversity and Minority issues  



Laws, rules and regulations: 



Learning disabilities (see also Dyslexia): (African-American children) 



Legal issues: (Thomas More Law Center) (American Center for Law and Justice) (Liberty Counsel) (American School Board Journal) (National School Boards Association, Council of School Attorneys) (American Bar Association; see litigation, children's law, pro bono) 






Lesson plans: 






Lifelong Learning:  



Literacy (see also Reading and Learning disabilities): (National Center for Family Literacy) (National Institute for Literacy) 



Magnet Schools: (National Consortium of Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology) 



Mathematics: (pro-status quo, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) (anti-status quo; excellent grassroots site; started in California) (New York City-based Honest Open Logical Decisions on Mathematics Education Reform) (another good grassroots site, from the State of Washington),_ESM_Paper.doc (research paper studies effectiveness of Asian/European-style, content-based math, as opposed to the process-based math that has become popular in recent years in the U.S.) (Fordham Foundation's grades for the math standards in the 50 states) (hands-on content, often from math teachers and parents) (subscription-based research articles) (American Mathematics Competitions) (Project M3, University of Connecticut Neag Center) (pro-status quo, pro-"new math" style curriculum) (good examples and videos from an Illinois grassroots organization) 



Mathematics curriculum: (search "Integrated Math") (defense of Everyday Mathematics) (criticism of Everyday Mathematics) (criticism of Everyday Mathematics) (study shows math software doesn't help test scores) (Education Program for Gifted Youth - distance learning for gifted kids) 



Mathematics homework help/practice: (Christian orientation; order booklets of math drills for at-home practice) 



Mathematics tutoring and at-home afterschooling (see also Tutoring): 



Medicaid: impact on schools:  



Mental Health: (search "mental health") (anxiety disorders) (depression) (teenage suicide) (behavior disorders) 






Merit pay / performance pay / differential pay / battlefront pay (see also Salaries and Teacher pay): (Cincinnati) (report, "Dollars & Sense: What a Tennessee Experiment tells about merit pay) (article, "School Choice: The Last Civil Rights Battle") 



Middle schools:  



Minority issues (see also Multicultural education and Race-based school assignment and discrimination): (National Alliance of Black School Educators) (Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options) (National Indian Education Association) (National Association for Multicultural Education) (National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance) (Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education; Star Parker) 



Models for reform:  



Money management: 

See Financial literacy 



Multiage grouping:  



Multicultural education: (search under "Education topics") (book by Sandra Stotsky, "Losing Our Language," exploring the academic down side of multiculturalism) 









No Child Left Behind (see also Federal programs): (anti-NCLB group) 



Nutrition: (School Nutrition Association) (federal free and reduced lunch program) (soda pop ban) (nutrition, breakfast, learning and behavior) (home-packed lunches) (home-packed lunches) (grants for improving nutrition at school) 



Online education (see also Distance Learning, Homeschooling and Virtual Schools): 



Opting out of objectionable curriculum/activities/speeches/surveys/questionnaires: 



Parent education on K-12 issues: (headquartered in Jackson, MS) (San Diego-based Parent Institute for Quality Education) (U.S. Department of Education's Parental Information and Resource Centers, or PIRCs) and (Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership, based in Lexington, KY) (reading and math tip sheets) 



Parent groups, grassroots: (Southern states) (Arizona) (Wisconsin) (Vermont) 



Parental involvement:, an engaging website with tips from the Parent Teacher Organization, Parent-Teacher Association policy, Parent Teacher Organization article bank, National Coalition for Parental Involvement in Education, research on benefits of parental involvement from the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, Dr. Steve Constantino, Family Involvement Network of Educators  



Parental involvement and fund-raising (see also Fund-raising): (grants through Lowe's)  



Parental rights (see also Opting out and Privacy): (search parental rights) 






Parent-teacher communications: 



Partnerships (see Business and school partnerships) 




Penmanship (see Handwriting) 



Pension reform: (see section on "Compensation") (defined benefit vs. defined contribution) 



Performing arts: 



Personnel (see also Salaries, Teaching categories, Fringe benefits, and Retirement): (see "Contract Hits") 



Philanthropy (see Foundations and Private scholarships) 



Phonics: (National Right to Read Foundation) (Spalding Phonics, an excellent curriculum) (The Riggs Institute; teaches teachers how to teach reading and writing) (AlphaPhonics, another good phonics curriculum) (good reading research and help for parents of struggling readers) (background articles and books on reading issues) (TurboPhonics) (Phono-Graphix) (The Reading Reform Foundation of New York, a phonics advocate) (commercial product; this is not an endorsement, but there is good             information on this site) (in-home afterschooling curriculum for math and reading) 



Physical education (see also Recess): 




Policy (search issues in these websites in their K-12 education sections): (American Legislative Exchange Council) (Pacific Policy Institute) (Michigan) (National Academy of Education) (Arizona) (The Heritage Foundation) 



Politics: (political action in an election year, with big foundation funding) (unions) (political contributions; shows teachers' unions giving 99% of their money to Democratic candidates and 1% to Republicans) 



Pornography (see Protecting kids) 



Poverty (see also Urban issues and Rural issues): (order their report, "They Have Overcome: High-Poverty, High-Performing Schools in California," by Lance Izumi, September 2002) (report, "Neighbors in Need: A New Approach to Compassionate Poverty Relief") (Texas) 



Preschool (see also Early Childhood Education): (starting a Christian preschool / day care) (search "universal preschool") (search "preschool") (search articles by Krista Kafer) 



Principals: ( - National Association of Secondary School Principals) 



Privacy issues (see also Opting out): (Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, PPRA) (text of PPRA) (Familiy Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA)  



Private education: (Council for American Private Education) (National Association of Independent Schools) (Association of Christian Schools International) (National Catholic Educational Association) (National Association of Episcopal Schools) (Lutheran schools -- ELCA) (Lutheran schools - Mo. Synod) (American Montessori Society schools) (Association Montessori Internationale schools) (Network of Jewish Community Day Schools) (Muslim education) (National Coalition of Girls' Schools) 



Private scholarships (see also Donations, Foundations, Private-sector initiatives  and School choice): (national Children's Scholarship Fund, offering tax deductions for donations to these funds, which give tuition grants to needy families to send their children to private school if they believe they can get a better education there) (Children's Educational Opportunity Foundation, San Antonio and beyond) (Milwaukee) (opposition to private scholarships from People For the American Way) 



Private school management / providers / franchisers: 



Private schools, excellent: 



Private-sector initiatives (see also Donations):  



Privatization: (report, "Saving Education and Ourselves: The Moral Case for Self-Reliance in Education") (National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education, Teachers College, Columbia University) (search "school privatization") (search "school privatization") (from the pro-government Education Commission of the States) 



Professional development (for teachers): 



Protecting kids from pornography, sex, Internet smut, etc.: 



Psychological profiling:  



Public education advocacy:  



Publications (for more information on ed issues):  









Race-based issues: 




Rating schools (parent evaluations): 




Reading (see Book selection, Illiteracy, Learning disabilities, Phonics, Reading methods and Whole Language) 




Reading aloud:  



Reading help for parents: (free screening for reading problems) (free downloads of reading activities, especially for pre-K through Grade 2) (various online services, most for fee) 



Reading methods (see also Learning disabilities, Phonics, Remediation and Whole language): (National Right to Read Foundation) (these are the Whole Language-based programs funded by federal Title I money, but results are controversial) (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) (Ramp Up Literacy programs and Literacy Navigator) (Institute of Reading Development) (National Reading Conference) (International Reading Association) 









Religious issues: (Religious Expression in Public Schools, U.S. Department of Education policy) (religious rights in education) (See You at the Pole) 



Remediation (see also other Reading listings, and Title 1 under Federal programs): (the federal Reading First program) (Florida Center for Reading Research) (Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, well-known for working with children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities) (foundation that runs the Power4Kids remediation program) (Massachusetts school turns around reading-disabled kids' learning careers) (articles, Reading Recovery not successful) (need for workforce remediation in basic skills) (Title 1 hasn't worked) 



Research: (Nonpartisan Education Review; online, peer-reviewed educational research journal) (National Academy of Education) (Educational Research Newsletter) (National Network of Partnership Schools, Johns Hopkins University) (Rhode Island data-based articles and research) (Pennsylvania and beyond) 



Retirement / Pensions (see also Fringe Benefits): (article, "Alleviating Teacher Shortages Through Pension Plan Redesign") (National Association of State Retirement Administrators) (National Council on Teacher Retirement) 



Rural issues (see also Urban issues): 



Safety (See also Security): (part of a federally-funded research lab on education; see the links section) (National School Safety Center; some resources for K-12, but mostly for higher ed) (National Center for Education Statistics) (search under "Education topics") (articles for parents on child development and safety issues) 



Salaries (see also Personnel, Fringe benefits, and Teacher pay categories): (see "School Pay and Staffing") (article, "Better Pay for Better Teaching") 



School boards: (good blog, BoardBuzz) (candidate questionnaire) (training Republican school board candidates) 



School choice (see also Charter schools, Private scholarships, Town tuitioning, and Tuition tax credits): including    including    (Ten Principles of School Choice booklet) (eBook, "Education and Capitalism: How Overcoming Our Fear of Markets and Economics Can Improve America's Schools) (Florida) (search "school choice" or "education" for legal aspects) 



School selection: 



School spending: 

School district spending report on (includes rankings of states) 

See your district's website and your state's education department website for annual spending reports about your district and your state (Washington) 






Science education (see also Evolution): (article on the shortage of qualified science teachers) 



Secondary education (also see "High Schools" and "Middle Schools"): (National Consortium of Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science & Technology) 






Sex (see also Protecting kids)  



Sex ed:  



Small schools: 



Special education (see also ADHD, Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities): (U.S. Department of Education site) (special education advocacy for parents) (good links section) (special ed terms defined) (National Center for Learning Disabilities parent guide) (government data under the Individuals With Disabilities Act, IDEA) (Council for Exceptional Children) (Center for Special Education Finance) (Education Commission of the States, special education finance and other facts) (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, article on inclusion) (see "Inclusion" under "Education Topics") (special education personnel) (learning disabilities) (physician crusades for different approaches to what looks like learning disabilities, but may not be) (parents and teachers crusade for better reading instruction in the early grades to prevent reading dysfunction and the learning problems that come with that) (parents for label- and drug-free education) (Minnesota-based group for parents of SPED children; good parent training on IEP's, communicating with educators, dealing with assessments) 



Speech, language and hearing: 



Spelling: (articles on invented spelling) 



Staff development: 








State education departments (data on test scores, spending, policies, etc.): 

See Governance - state 




State-by-state parent/taxpayer advocacy groups: 

See Grassroots organizations 



State policy institutes with education policy article banks (also see Think tanks): Alabama Arizona California Kentucky Michigan Missouri Nevada Policy Research Institute Oregon Tennessee Texas Washington State 



Statistics: (federal government bank of education statistics) (Standard & Poor's data and analysis on states and many districts in the U.S.) 



Substance abuse and addictions treatment (see also Drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention): 



Tax credits for private scholarships: (Arizona alone lists 57 organizations accepting private donations to provide tuition assistance for low-income students in exchange for tax credits for the donors) 



Teach For America: (young inner-city teachers providing public service) 



Teacher certification: (search "teacher certification" or "alternative certification") (alternative to the national certification process) (national certification organization; tied to the National Education Association) (search "national teaching standards" for rebuttal information) (recommends district-based certification) 



Teacher education: (data on teacher quality) 



Teacher evaluation: 

You can obtain your district's teacher evaluation documents from the central office to see how a teacher is evaluated.  



Teacher recruitment / shortages: (rural teacher shortages) (retired military personnel recruited as inner-city teachers) 



Teacher support, nonunion: (substitute teachers) (articles by Linda Schrock Taylor) (affiliated with Education Week) 



Teacher pay (see also Merit pay and Salaries): (state-by-state teacher pay scales) (search for articles on "teacher pay") (battle pay or "incentive bonus" pay for inner-city teachers) 



Teacher quality: 



Teachers' professional development:  



Technology: (publication on ed tech)  

www.EdITLib (Education & Information Technology Library) (ed tech resource list) (ed tech publishing; products for sale) (teaching with technology) (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education) (part of the AACE; the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education) (professional development and courseware) (International Society for Technology in Education) (list of several ed tech websites) (well-rounded articles on various facets of ed tech) (Federal Communications Commission schools and libraries project) 









Testing (see also Value-added assessment): (A.P. tests, PSAT, SAT) (Educational Testing Service) (National Assessment of Educational Progress data) (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) (McGraw-Hill assessment arm; California Achievement test, etc.) (Stanford-9) 



Test prep: 



Textbooks: (article, "The Mad, Mad World of Textbook Adoption") 



Think tanks (on these websites, search "education" as a policy area; also see State policy institutes): (State Policy Network; politically balanced points of view) (Arizona-based conservative group) (Economic Policy Institute; leftist point of view) (The Heritage Foundation; conservative) (conservative) (leftist; Brown Center on Education Policy) (Concerned Women For America; rightist) (conservative) (Utah; conservative) 



Time management:,  



Town tuitioning (see also school choice): (school-choice programs over a century old in Vermont and Maine allowing towns with no schools to send kids to private schools or neighboring public schools) (legal aspects) 






Tuition tax credits for individuals and corporations: (article, "Educational Vouchers and Tax Credits: A State-by-State Summary of Current Programs") (search for "scholarship tax credits") (report, "Florida Corporate Income Tax Credit Scholarship Program: A Preliminary Analysis" (Florida) (scroll down to read about tax credits) 



Tutoring: (free outside tutoring for needy kids in sub-standard schools) (intensive individual intervention, and school programs) 



Umbrella schools (school partners with parents so that children can do professionally-supported but parent-led independent study programs, or ISPs; see also University model schools): (California) 



Unions: (alternative to NEA and AFT) (National Education Association) (American Federation of Teachers) (union watchdog with free news stories by subscription) (union watchdog, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation) (National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation) (success in exposing undue political activity using teachers' union dues, and publicizing the right of teachers to "opt out" of political action by the union using their dues) (search for article, "Teachers' Union to Require Audits of Locals in Arrears" (National Right to Work Committee) 



United Nations (see also Global education and International Baccalaureate): (United Nations and Education sections) 



University model schools (part private school, part homeschool; see also Umbrella Schools):  



Urban issues (see also Poverty): (Council of the Great City Schools) (Coalition For Urban Renewal and Education; Star Parker) (educator forms Washington, D.C., inner-city Catholic school consortium with admirable results) (publication focusing on urban disadvantaged schools) 




Valedictorian (see Academic honors) 



Value-added assessment:  



Violence prevention:  



Virtual schools (see also Distance Learning, Homeschooling and Online Education): (Nebraska) (Florida) (Pennsylvania) (Christa McAuliffe Academy, Washington) (Ojai, Calif.) (Virginia, etc.) (Kansas) (based in Littleton, Colo.) (Orlando, Fla.; good parent resources at bottom of homepage) 



Vocabulary: (free vocabulary building exercises that raise money to fight world hunger) 



Vocational/technical education:  



Volunteering (see also Parental involvement and fund-raising): 






Whole language reading philosophy (see Reading methods) (whole language vs. direct instruction) (whole language vs. phonics-only) 






Year-round education: (pro) (con) (con; Coalition for a Traditional School Year) (con) (con, Texas) (con, Florida) 



Zero tolerance policies: 











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