Parental Involvement
Involved Parents = Better School Performance
      Your Child's Success Is a Great Return On Investment
Traits of A+ Parents
      How Many of These Smart Things Do You Do?
A Child's No. 1 Need -- 'Engaged' Parents
      You Don't Have to Be Rich, Smart, Well-Educated or a Sweet Talker -- Just BE THERE
Back to School Tips for Parents
      How You Spent YOUR Summer Vacation: Resolving to Get More Involved in Your Child's Schooling
'No Account' Parents -- Not Really the Problem
      Other Factors Share the Blame for Learning Dysfunctions
Understanding Your Child's Grades
      They Generally Don't Mean What They Used To Mean
What's a Rubric?
      A Teachers' Tool Aimed at Making Grades More Accurate and Fair
How to Read a Report Card
      Beyond A-B-C-D-F
About Test Scores
      Understanding What They Mean May Test You
How to Talk to Your Child About School
      Q. "What'd You Do In School Today?" A. "Nothing." AAARRRGGGHHH!!! How to Get Beyond That
Building a Strong Bridge Between Parent and Teacher
      Meeting Them More Than Halfway
How to Win With Educators
      Making Sure That Nobody Loses, Especially Your Child
Teacher-Pleasing Parents
      Traits of Grownup Teacher's Pets
Getting Along With Other School Staff
      You'd Be Surprised to Know Who the Real Power People Are
Mistakes Parents Make
      Burnout? No-Show? Buck-Passer? You Can Do Better Than That!
Are You a Difficult Parent?
      If the Teacher Wears a Garlic Necklace and Holds Up a Cross When You Storm Into the Classroom . . . It May Be Time to Clean Up Your Act
Evaluating the Teacher
      Unveiling the Mystery Around a Teacher's Job Description and Expectations
Teacher Trouble
      Follow the Golden Rule, Be Kind, But Take Action If You Have To
Acing Your Conference
      How to Make the Most of That Twice-a-Year Opportunity
Magic Words at Parent-Teacher Conferences
      What to Say, and What NOT to Say
Basic Traits of A+ Parents
      It's Easier Than You Think to Be Teacher's Pet Parent
The Savvy Single Parent
      Meeting the Challenge of Going It Alone
Avoiding the Extremes
      Are You a 'Slacker'? A 'Volvo Vigilante'? Or Somewhere in the Happy Medium?
Helping Your Child Pay Attention
      A Few Simple Tricks For Home and Classroom
Positive Parent-Child Interactions
      Build a Base of Acceptance, Firmness and Self-Control
Your Child's Learning Style
      Lots of Different Ways to Think
A Model School Volunteer
      Making a Difference and Pitching In Because You Care
Volunteer Quickies
      Creative, Useful, Short-Term Tasks
Got Three Hours? Three4Me.com
      Engaging and Energizing Volunteers With an Easily Reachable Three-Hour Goal
Getting Dads Involved in School
      Father Knows Best, So Get Him Involved
PTA, PTO and Other Groups
      Working Together For Safety, Strength and Success
Building Involvement in Parent Groups
      Getting the Word Out on What Needs to Be Done
The Hunt for Parent Group Funding
      Growing in Sophistication: Bake Sales and Beyond
Parent Group Auction Ideas
      The Better You Are at Meeting Needs, the Faster Your Budget Can Grow
What Minority Parents Want
      Surprisingly, It's Not Exactly What School Officials Appear to Think
Help for Hispanic Parents
      Welcoming Immigrants With School-Based Computer Classes
What's the Asian Secret?
      Great Grades and High Test Scores Don't Come From Fancy Methods, Just Common Sense
Famous Court Cases
      A Quick Legal Briefing for Parents on Education Law
Parental Rights
      Have Schools Gone Loco Over 'In Loco Parentis'?
Student Rights
      They're Weaker for Those In School Than For Those Out Of It . . . But Not By Much
Teacher Rights
      Important Lessons on Protection From Lawsuits and Dismissal
How Can Just One Person Make a Difference?
      How to Do Your Homework and Bring About Constructive Change in Schools
How to Bring Bad Curriculum to Light
      One Father's Success Story
Using the Hatch Amendment to Protect Your Child
      Put a Protection of Pupil Rights Form Letter on File With the School Office
Dealing With Social Service / Child Protective Services Issues
      A Simple Letter on File at School Can Protect Your Constitutional Rights
Censorship or Good Parenting?
      When a Government School Selects One Book Over Another, That's Book Selection, Not Censorship. When a Parent Complains About the Book's Quality, That's Not Censorship, Either
What to Do About R-Rated Schoolbooks?
      Some of Them Are X-Rated . . . Crazy That Your Child Couldn't Get In to See a Movie With That Raunchy Content, But Gets It In a Schoolbook!
Opt-Out Form to Avoid Bad Sex Education
      Influencing Schools Toward G-Rated Health Education That Meets State Law's Requirements . . . But Avoids Porno and Perversion
Opting Out of Occult Books That Violate Religious Principles
      Lead the Way With Quality Alternatives to New Age Books to Influence Teachers Away From the Woo-Woo Stuff
The More You Know, the More You Can Help Your Child
      Websites That Help You Zero In on the Answers You Need
Parents Could Wage a War Against Cheating
      Work Together to Show Kids That Honesty Is the Best Policy
Parent Congress
      Democratic, Direct Communication Aids Educational Improvement
Parents' Bill of Education Rights
      Getting Parents' Rights Down on Paper Can Avoid Confusion, Help Educators As Much as Parents
Are 'Parent Revolutions' the Answer?
      Biggest Test of This Concept Was a Gigantic Flop in Chicago, But Was President Barack Obama's Main Executive Experience

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