INTRODUCTION: How Kids Learn to Read Today
      Why Reading Skills Are Declining
Brain Research
      Implications For Reading
First Grade Is the Deadline
      If a Child's Not Decoding Well at Age 8, Pull Out All the Stops to Fix That
Book Review: 'Readicide' by Kelly Gallagher
      How Schools Are Killing Reading, and What You Can Do About It
The Big Five in Reading
      Especially for Parents of Preschoolers: Can You Name the Five Foundational Skills?
Phonemic Awareness
      How Do We Read, Write, Speak and Understand? Using Sound!
Fluency Problems: Why Kids Read Aloud in a Monotone
      What Parents and Educators Can Do to Put the Music Back in Language
The Whole Language Reading Philosophy
      There's No Doubt Veteran Readers Can Scan Text Rapidly and Still Understand It, But Don't Beginners Need to Learn the Ropes of Our Language First?
Systematic, Intensive, Explicit Phonics
      The Cadillac of Reading Instruction, But Hardly Anybody's Getting It Any More
How to Tell If Your School Uses Phonics Properly
      And What to Do If It Doesn't
Kids Don't Reads As Much Today -- So What?
      Here's What, and It Isn't Pretty
Poverty and Reading
      A Call For an End to 'Educational Apartheid'
Getting the Reading Curriculum That Works
      The No. 1 Way to Help Your School Improve
The Textbook Adoption Process
      How a Few States Influence Us All
Core Knowledge
      Textbooks That Cover What Parents Want Taught
Have the Pro's Messed Up Reading Instruction?
      What Ever Happened to Easy, Cheap and Tried-and-True Methods?
Good Books For K-6
      A Young Child Should Read At Least One Book a Week Outside of Class: You Can If You Plan
Good Books For Grades 7-12
      To Be Better Prepared for College Admissions Tests, Not to Mention Real Life, Here Are the Books to Feed Your Heart, Soul and Mind
How to Guide Children to Great Books
      It's Like Getting Them to Eat Fruit and Veggies Instead of Candy: Takes a Little Effort, But It's Well Worth It
Building a Home Library Martin Luther King Would Like
      Marking the MLK Holiday By Buying a Book a Year
Two-Week Reading Remediation Success
      If Only Schools Would Use These Simple Practices in the Early Grades
Low-Income Parents Have More Power Than Teachers in Coaching Early Literacy
      Preschools and Early Primary Schools That Focus on At-Home Literacy Help Low-Income Readers Most

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