These educational advice columns are for everybody who wants American education to be the best it can be. They're in the format of everybody's favorite time in school, Show and Tell. The idea is to show and tell people about the issues facing us in K-12 education today. 


These columns are especially for parents and grandparents, for taxpayers and voters, for vendors to schools and regulators of schools, and for educators and employers as well. 


There are so many complicated issues and sub-issues in education that it can be overwhelming to try to understand them all. These short, easy-to-read columns "chunk" things down to manageable size. Each one ends with a piece of "homework" - a book, website or other source for more information. The website is interactive, seeking Q&A and feedback from readers, and it's in a format that will make adding new columns easy. And that's good . . . because the topics in education are endless, and each one is important. 


Bottom line: we all care about children and youth. We all want what's best for them, and for our country. Knowledge provides us with the common ground we need to stand on - together - to promote top-quality education, and happy, productive graduates that we will be proud to "show and tell" the world! 

Show and Tell for Parents - Educational Advice Columns