Taxpayer Rap
      When school spending increases get you down, this humorous rap will help stabilize your blood pressure.
            Taxpayer Rap  (2628 kb)
Badd Spaelin Ess What the Matre Be's
      A mother's lament that the lack of proper language instruction has rendered her son unable to spell worth a . . . well, not very well.
            Badd Spaelin Ess What the Matre Be's  (2347 kb)
New New Gnu Math
      The way we're teaching math in those early grades today just doesn't add up. We're multiplying problems for kids and teachers on down the road. Let's divide up the megaphones and let the educators know: Keep It Simple, Sillies. Just Teach Math.
            New New Gnu Math  (1439 kb)
Grade Inflation
      Golllleeee! The kids all got straight A's! What a smart school they must have there. But boy, is graduation going to take a long time, with 300 valedictorians! Schools used to give out twice as many C's as A's. Now it's the other way around. It's crazy, and it needs to stop.
            Grade Inflation  (1074 kb)
Whole Language
      If schools would just teach reading with good, old-fashioned phonics in the early grades, most of our educational problems would literally disappear. But noooo. Schools insist on Whole Language non-instruction, and what are we getting? A nation of non-readers. And all they do is doodle all the day. It's now or never: let's go back to phonics, STAT.
            Whole Language  (2978 kb)

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