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Parents' Group Auction Ideas


Q. What are some sure winners for a parents' group fund-raising auction?


The Parent-Teacher Organization website,, has a bulletin board with ideas like these. Here are some gleaned from a recent visit there:


         A piece of kid's art from each classroom, selected by the kids


         First place in the carpool line for all year


         Reserved parking spot right up front for all school evening activities


         Eight front row reserved seats at graduation


         A "themed basket" from each classroom, put together by the parents - examples, "Backyard BBQ" with a gift certificate to a meat market, cedar chips, grilling tools, cookbook, croquet set, etc.) and "Doggie," with chew toys, biscuits, brush, dogwalking certificates, etc.


         Classroom "Build a Bears" - kids can study bears and go on a field trip to make a girl bear and a boy bear; teacher can supply a diaper bag and bedtime book for each bear; kids take turns taking a bear home for the weekend and writing in a journal about their adventures; at year-end, they're auctioned off


         Magic Carpet - kids can decorate a rectangle square carpet sample with "jewels" and paint, and sit on it during reading time when they are the "star of the week," then auction it off at year-end


         Fingerprint keepsake - Buy a plain white ceramic flowerpot, piggy bank, canister or pitcher from Wal-Mart or IKEA; each child paints their fingerprint on it; they're turned into flowers, bugs, designs, etc.


         Sleepovers in the gym - teachers volunteer as chaperones on a 1:10 staff-child ratio and provide snacks and sodas; everyone plays games and sleeps in sleeping bags; slots can sell for $100 each


         Headmaster or Principal for a Day - complete with kid-sized suitcoat and tie


         Decoupage - mini photos of class members decoupaged onto a clock or tray


         Bedside tables - woodworking parent helped kids make their own creations


         Weekend getaway package - two nights in a hotel, free dinner out, theater tickets, babysitting


         Teeth whitening - don't laugh; if a parent is a dentist and will donate it, this is a hot item!


         A ride-along night at the local police station - one of the few items dads get excited about


         Alphabet quilt - each child takes a square and an alphabet letter


         Batting cage coaching from a local community college baseball coach


         If any parents fish and have a boat, set up a half-day guided fishing trip


         Gourmet feast for 8 served and cleaned up in your home


         Flowers once a month for a year (from a parent who's a florist)


         Free haircut once a month for a year (from a parent who's a hairdresser)


         Date night package - gift certificates for four for dinner out and four movie passes


         Kiddie auction - basket of Hot Wheels, basket of Barbie stuff, Cold Stone Creamery party, pizza party for eight, farm-your-chores-out for a week (snow shoveling, lawn mowing, etc.)

Homework: Find lots of fund-raising ideas on


By Susan Darst Williams Parental Involvement 33 2008


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