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Got Three Hours?


Q. I want to help at my child's school, but I don't want to fall into a black hole in terms of a time commitment. How can I make my school volunteering time meaningful, but manageable?


You're the perfect candidate for Three4Me, a PTA outreach program with a simple concept: ask a parent to devote just three hours out of the school year to volunteer for the child's school.


Some parents are already giving far more hours than that by chairing the parent group or fund-raiser, serving on the school board, and so forth. But many, if not most, parents are not even making the absolutely minimal time commitment of three hours a year. And it's high time they did, both for their children's good, and for that priceless sense of fulfillment that comes from helping to make the world a better place.


If you have three kids, the Three4Me promise means devoting nine hours of your time this school year. But that's a far cry from a "black hole," and they will be hours well spent.


If your school is not now participating, go to to find out how to sign up and get going.


Homework: See for examples of volunteer tasks that are needed in a typical school.



By Susan Darst Williams Parental Involvement 28 2008


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