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The Principal and the Little Red Wagon


I fell in love with our grade-school principal at the parents' orientation during Kindergarten Roundup.


She was telling about the best school volunteer they had ever had. He had perfect attendance at every parent-teacher conference and concert, flipped pancakes at the Pancake Feed, showed up on a Saturday to help erect the new playground equipment, hauled tables for the carnival, and so on and so forth.


Wow! It's not every day that a GUY is so faithful to his children's school.


But the principal explained that he didn't start out that way. It seems his little boy showed up at school one day pulling a little red wagon . . . FULL OF PLAYBOY MAGAZINES!!!


The principal stopped him outside the school doors. "What do you have there, Johnny?"


"Thethe are my dad'th magathineth," he replied. "I'm bringing them for Thow and Tell."


The principal thought not. She ran inside and called the dad. He arrived in nothing flat, confiscated the magazines before anyone saw them . . . and was forever grateful to that principal for saving his reputation as an upstanding citizen.


What did the little boy have for "Thow and Tell," though? Instead of a little red wagon, maybe a red-faced dad?!?


By Susan Darst Williams School Mom 01 2008


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