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Purity Jewelry


Here's a loving gift that parents could give their preteen daughter for Valentine's Day or as a birthday gift: a purity ring, pendant or bracelet.


It's your gift to her to help her focus on the importance of putting herself first, and choosing to remain sexually pure until marriage. Why? Because she's worth it!


You could also purchase this gift for her to give to her on the occasion of her first menstrual period, or at age 13, or perhaps when she starts dating. The line of jewelry includes the phrase, "True Love Waits," engraved, and ranges in price from $24.95 to $39.95.


See the "True Love Waits" items on


Keep it just between you - parents and daughter - as a tangible reminder of your love and encouragement to her to make herself into the most wonderful, self-loving woman she deserves to be.


Also see an unusual new idea for a girls' club: the Chastity Club! Well, that's the unofficial name. It started at Princeton University, of all places. It's a way for girls and women to support each other in creating a lifestyle in which sexuality is celebrated in its proper context: as happening within a marriage between one man and one woman:


By Susan Darst Williams Heart Lessons 047 2007


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