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Hairs on a Little Head


Young children need to have simple examples from their day-to-day lives to help them understand the most important things about life on Earth.


Try quoting the Bible to a 3-year-old. Even a verse that states that God loves everybody will most likely get a quizzical look and a grin from that young child. They just need a more direct approach.


Be concrete, not abstract. Teach a young child, say a daughter, that God created her, loves her, and wants to take care of her. Show her the Bible and teach her that God gave it to us. But to prove just how well God knows her, and how much He loves her - even more than you do - read this verse to her:

Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.

-- Matthew 10:29-31


It might be fun to lovingly brush her hair after that, and let her rejoice in the soothing comfort of being nurtured and groomed while imagining the power of a God who loves her down to the very last hair on her head.


Not even a loving mom or dad can possibly count all the hairs on that little head. But God knows how many there are. That has to be impressive to a small child, and make that child feel very special and cherished, indeed. Best of all, it's true!



By Susan Darst Williams Heart Lessons 003 2006


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