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Faith Fundamentals For Kids


Parents are great today about insisting that schools deliver the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic to their children, so that they can excel in K-12 classrooms and go on to college and careers.


Similarly, you would never want your child to leave your house at age 18 or 21 or whenever it happens without any idea how to do laundry or cook or clean up after himself or herself. Parents all try to equip their children in the basics for a healthy life mentally, physically and emotionally.


But some parents neglect what may be the most important one: spiritual life. Kids need the basics of their faith, too. Some parents are faithful about getting their kids into Sunday school, Bible studies and youth groups; others may neglect this facet of child training and need to "cram" when the child is nearing adulthood.


Teaching your child what the Bible says is one of the most important tasks of parenthood. Have you done it? It's never too late to start, and it's never been easier to get a grasp of what they need to know, thanks to the Internet and the many online teaching tools available today.


Here's a great starting point for schooling your child in the basics of Bible truths, and Christian beliefs and practices:


By Susan Darst Williams Heart Lessons 024 2006


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