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By Susan Darst Williams
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Was Einstein an Ignorant Fool?


The New York Times recently called people who believe in intelligent design, the belief that there is too much order in the universe for it to have evolved by random chance, as mere "boobs" and "the forces of ignorance."


The insults were in connection with court rulings that public schools did not have to teach students the theory of intelligent design along with the theory of evolution. Courts also have ruled that schools do not even have to teach the fallacies, contradictions and difficulties of evolutionary theory, even though not to do so would seem to be academically unethical.


The usual reason for wanting to censor intelligent design is that it is equated with Biblical scientific creationism. The two philosophies are different, however; intelligent design is based on the implications of life's diversity, order and development using the new science of "information theory," and does not wander into the theology or supernaturalism the way creationism does.


Evolutionism denies design. Intelligent design sees it everywhere. So far, the scientific community appears to favor evolutionism. Instead of giving both sides a level playing field, the pro-evolution forces are attempting to censor intelligent design and call its proponents names.


Luckily, Christian leader Chuck Colson ( had a good comeback for the insults.


"Does (the New York Times) realize it is calling Albert Einstein a boob?" he asked.


Colson noted that Einstein, considered by most people to be the most intelligent person who ever lived, found ample evidence of design in his scientific research. Einstein once said, "God does not play dice with the cosmos."


It would be interesting to see if the schools that are so happy to censor intelligent design would also be willing to censor Einstein, the best scientific mind in history, who believed in it.


Learn more on one of the many websites now available that debunk evolutionary theory. Examples promoting intelligent design: and and for the pro-creationism side, and


Among many other convincing tidbits, you will learn that cockroaches emerged suddenly onto the scene a long time ago, all of a sudden, with absolutely no precursors in the fossil record, with no evidence of a shred of evolution ever having happened at any time, looking exactly the same as they do today.


If the pro-evolutionists can call Albert Einstein a boob, I guess we can call THEM cockroaches!



By Susan Darst Williams Heart Lessons 014 2006


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