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Quick Takes on the DaVinci Code


You're probably aware of the big-dollar sensation, "The DaVinci Code." It's extremely popular in both novel and movie form. But you may not be aware of the OTHER side of the story: the evidence that shows that much of the story line is based on fabrications and distortions of history, but since the line between fact and fiction is so cleverly blurred, the legacy of the DaVinci Code may well be to destroy people's faith in the truth of the Bible and the mission of Jesus Christ.


It's an extremely dangerous situation, where people's souls are involved, especially young people.


Here's a comprehensive webpage with all sorts of resources to help you sort it all out:


For a quick review of the fact errors and outright deceptions of the story line, see these "Frequently Asked Questions" from that website:



By Susan Darst Williams Heart Lessons 023 2006


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