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Modeling Proper Speech


It's important that children pronounce words correctly. Before they set foot in school, they need to be "schooled" in proper grammar. When they can order the sounds correctly in their minds and pronounce the words correctly and in proper order, they're much better off when it comes time to record those sounds on paper in written form.


But you don't want to crush a child's spirit by constantly correcting his or her grammar or pronunciation. That's annoying, and not necessary.


It's much better to listen to your child's everyday speech, and work a correction of bad grammar or mispronunciation gently and inconspicuously into your side of the conversation.


That's the best way to teach: to not appear to be teaching.


I should have tooken the label off myself.

Oh, you should have taken it off?



He came down the slide and I catched him.

You caught him? That's great!

Yeah, I didn't want him to fall off.


And they wanted more childs.

Oh, really? Why they did want more children?

Then the children could do things with them and play with them.


I really like aminals.

Really? You like animals?


He should of went.

Yes, he probably should have gone.


Then I hided in the bathroom.

You hid there?


The dog bited him.

The dog bit him? Why?


This works really good.

Oh, it works really well? How have you used it?


I drew a picture of him without no ears.

Without any ears? Why? So he couldn't listen to you?



By Susan Darst Williams Grammar Granny 014 2006


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