The Public Policy Point to Preschool
      It Plays an Important Role, But It Needs to Be Focused
What's Wrong With Starting School at 3 or 4?
      Plenty. Read the Research.
Should Preschool or Kindergarten Be Compulsory?
      Probably Not, Especially For Boys
Brain Development: Doesn't It Mandate Early Childhood Ed?
      No. It Mandates Childhood-Friendly Environments, Which Aren't Always Available in Organized Preschool Settings
It's An Urban Myth
      They Say Spending $1 on Preschool Now Saves $7 On Down the Road . . . But That's Not True
Head Start: The 'Entitlement' Mentality
      Public Preschool Is Now Infecting K-12 Attitudes and Services
Head Start: Why It Doesn't Work
      Why an Academic Focus Would Do Wonders For Low-Income Kids
Universal Preschool: A Failure
      Didn't We Learn That From the Government Nurseries of the Former U.S.S.R.?
Should Government Provide Preschool At All?
      Defense, Yes. Roads, Yes. Police, Yes. Preschool? . . . Probably Not
Job One of a Preschool Parent: Building Phonemic Awareness
      'Sound Play' is the Gateway to Reading

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